Deliver RSS to Kindle

FabReadly delivers unread feeds in Feedly to your kindle periodically. It also supports Sony Reader PRS-T2.

One-Click to Save to Read-Later Service

Whenever you meet an interesting item, you can save it from kindle to Evernote or Pocket by one-click.

Read Full-Text Article

FabReadly will transform partical feeds to full-text feeds with an ad-free, more readable format.

Service Price

Free user

  • 100 feed count
  • deliver by manual
  • save to Read-Later service
  • read full-text

Pro user

  • 100 feed count
  • deliver automatically
  • save to Read-Later service
  • read full-text
  • $24/1 year
  • $2.4/1 month

Fabreadly charges fee of $24/1 year or $2.4/1 month to maintain the server. The fee is refundable in one week.

After payment, please email us your email or your kindle email address.

Chinese user can pay to by alipay.(中国用户可以支付宝支付给 张国伟 ,68元/年,付款后请在附言或email告知我们你的kindle地址)。



Why can't I receive my delivery on my Kindle?

Maybe your delivery was rejected by Amazon because your mobi file was too large. Please don't include image in your subscription.